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Steve Jobs, A Life Lived

Friday, October 7th, 2011

When Steve Jobs died just the other day thousands tweeted tributes and customers who had come to regard him with near reverence crowded into Apple stores with flowers and messages. Business people talked of the future of the Apple company and wondered if it would survive now that Steve had gone.

But the lessons, the things we should think about, are about inspiration and leadership, about what it means to work in a really successful organisation and the importance of creativity on the one hand and intuition on the other.

Creativity and innovation come from freedom to think previously unimagined things. Whether it is ever expanding universes or quasi-crystals, freedom for people previously repressed, whether it is how we can live in a sustainable world or overcome the many missteps and personal challenges and defeats in our life and go on to continue striving to reach our own goals, the value of preparing and always thinking about life as it is being lived, about the journey and where you are, is it.

As Steve Jobs said it is only later that you can connect all the dots, those things you did which at the time did not seem to have anything to do with where you were going.

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