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“Often, when an organization suffers a terrible failure, others attempt to learn from the experience. Trying to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past seems like an admirable goal. Naturally, some observers attribute the poor performance of others to human error of one kind or another. They blame the firm’s leaders for making critical mistakes, at times even going so far as to accuse them of ignorance, negligence, or indifference. Attributing failures to the flawed decisions of others has certain benefits for outside observers. In particular, it can become a convenient argument for those who have a desire to embark on a similar endeavor.”

Michael Roberto 2002

I am available each year for a select number of consultancies which would contribute to the further development of museums in the areas of

* management, leadership, governance and strategy development.

In particular I am able to carry this forward through

Brandenberg Gate, Berlin (More)

In all of these areas I am able to draw on my own experience as well as the knowledge and skills of leading practitioners and scholars in all functional areas in which museums are involved including:

and in all discipline areas in which museums are involved including art, history and science.

I can also assist with executive recruitment! There are frequent failures in this area; best practice has been carefully studied.

One service which may be of particular interest is a “guided self assessment” of individual museums. This uses the questionnaire which formed the basis of the recently completed project on the effective management of museums.