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Essays in Pearls and Irritations

Pearls and Irritations

Pearls and Irritations is a platform for discussing public policy, both domestic and foreign, that is based in Australia.  The publisher is John Menadue

The following two articles were published in this on line journal in early 2021. Both deal with education and summarise a number of issues raised elsewhere in this website.

April 18 2021

Education shouldn’t be about contribution to the economy

Coalition’s education policy deals only with schools, ignores the critical early years of life and the nature of learning and wrongly asserts a link between student education achievement and economic growth. Funding has produced gross inequity and no educational gain….

April 19, In Part 1 – Policy and Progress, I pointed out the problem of focusing on schooling and the myths of its contribution to economic growth. In Part 2, I emphasise the importance of teacher-led assessment and the fundamental importance of early childhood….Investment in early childhood education provides greatest benefit